Teaching your child about the differently abled

By January 22, 2019education

The differently abled are often the target of bullies and they are teased or ostracised especially in school. It’s important to sensitize children to the special needs of the differently abled. Teaching them at home and at school about how to interact with the differently abled can go a long way in promoting harmony and a sense of understanding in your child. The key is that all children regardless of their disabilities want to be treated with love and respect. Including everyone in group activities and conversations is very important. No child should feel left out because he or she is a little “different”.

At home, you could teach your child that no two people are the same just as no two snowflakes are the same. We are all unique even though some differences are more apparent at first glance than others.

A disability is just one characteristic of a person. There’s a lot more that goes into making a human being, like their likes and dislikes, strengths, opportunities and challenges.

Including everyone in activities is important and you need to teach your child that all children want the same things – love, respect, and inclusion. No one should feel alienated.

You cannot “catch a disability” from someone. This is an important concept that needs to be taught to kids. Some kids are differently abled because they met with an accident or have some other problem. By hanging out with them, your kid will not get the disability.

Some children have a physical disability, but that does not mean their cognitive functioning is impaired. They might be very good at chess or at their studies, in some cases, better than most.

Some children with disabilities might need more time to do the tasks that your child does in no time. Your child needs to be sensitized to this and made to understand that those are the specific challenges such children face.

Just as charity begins at home, teaching your child about the differently abled also begins at home. A sensitive child will grow into a responsible adult who treats everyone with respect and dignity. At Insight Academy, we are an integrated school where children with special needs study alongside other children. Our teachers are trained to handle children from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds as well as children with different learning needs. Welcome to a school with a difference – Insight Academy. Gives you an insight into life.

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