Save Our Indian Resources

By September 13, 2019Students Blog

Our country India is blessed with so many resources like water, forest, minerals, food, land etc. But all these are getting depleted due to increase in population, rapid urbanization and due to unethical behavior of human beings. We should save our resources so that our future generation can live in a safe environment. We should strictly follow all the possible measures to save our resources.

Water is the most violated resources in India. If the things continue the way they are it won’t be long before the taps in India may run completely dry and our cities will turn worse than Cape Town. So to prevent this crisis people along with the government should implement rain water harvesting methods, proper waste water management methods, reviving our water bodies etc.

The next major problem India is facing is the depletion of fossil fuels and minerals due to illegal mining. So government should make strict laws about this and people should be encouraged to use alternative energies like solar, wind, biogas etc.

In our country nearly 22 species of flora and fauna have gone extinct so to prevent this conversation groups should open more wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves and promote afforestation. The wildlife should be safe in their habitat and also protects the endangered species.

There is a saying that food is a medicine but in the present scenario we have to rethink about the saying due to usage of insecticides and pesticides on the crops so farmers who are the back bone of India should practice organic farming and should take steps to protect our native crops.

Finally I conclude that as a responsible citizen of India we should follow 3’R rule.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to save our Indian resources.


Pranet. P, 3th STD

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