How important is class size?

By January 22, 2019education

When you are scouting for good schools to admit your kids into, one of the factors you may have to consider is the size of the class.

It’s quite natural to assume that if the class size is too large, then your kids won’t be able to get the undivided attention of the teacher. According to researchers, when the class size is less than 20 students, gains in achievement are seen. This is because teachers are able to concentrate on each child better in a smaller class. Teachers also enjoy better morale in smaller classes since they have fewer students to deal with. So consequently, they are more likely to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for their wards.

Apart from academic gains, reducing class size in elementary school can be more cost-effective than public health and medical interventions according to the American Journal of Public Health. It is seen that students in smaller classes usually graduate from high school earning more and enjoying better health than dropouts.

So when you are looking for a school for your child, find out how many students are enrolled in each class. It could turn out to be quite an important determinant in how well your child does at school. If there are way too many kids in a class, that’s definitely cause for concern. You want nothing but the best for your child and you want teachers to be able to pay attention to your child.

There is no point in having qualified and experienced teachers if they are too overwhelmed by the class size. So keep class size as one of the items on your checklist while choosing a school for your child.

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