Art for art’s sake?

By January 22, 2019arts

Although some may regard art education as a luxury, simple creative activities are very necessary for  child development. Learning to create art and appreciate aesthetics is very important to the all-round development of a child.

 Developmental Benefits of Art

 Motor Skills: Art involves holding a pencil or paintbrush, which involves the use of motor skills. A child of three should be able to draw a circle and by age four should know how to draw a square and use safety scissors to cut out a straight line. These skills help children with their handwriting.

 Language Development: Art involves shapes, colors and patterns and young children can learn the words for all this by involving themselves in art projects. Toddlers can be taught that a crumpled up piece of paper is a ball and as they get older and attend elementary school, they can be asked what feelings are elicited in them when they see different art forms.

 Decision Making: When they create art, children not only get a chance to be creative but also engage their decision making skills and critical thinking ability. While creating a painting, for instance, a child decides the shapes drawn, the colors to fill in and about other aspects of the art work.

 Visual Learning: These days a child of two can operate an ipad. Kids pick up visual information very quickly. Through art, they learn more about the consumerist world that lies ahead for them, such as a world filled with logos of brands.

 Inventiveness: Through art, kids learn the quality of innovation, which will serve them well in life. The world needs more right brained and creative people who can lead rather than just follow and art instills in a kid the risk-taking ability that you find in all entrepreneurs.

 Cultural Awareness: Kids learn more about culture through art. When adults explain to them that what they see is someone else’s interpretation of reality, it helps them understand different perspectives.

 Improved Academic Performance: Studies show that children who participate in artistic activities three hours a day for three days a week for a whole year will show improved academic performance. They are more likely to be better at math or science or to write a creative essay.

At Insight Academy, we train students with the different forms of art like music (vocal and instrumental), dance (western and classical) and art theatre skills (dramatization in both English as well as Kannada) and art & craft (ikebana,origami, etc.) So give your child a chance to be part of this progressive school where a child’s all-round development is given utmost importance.

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