Natural Resource Conservation

By September 13, 2019Students Blog

The Mother Nature has provided us with lots of beneficial gifts for the nutrition of better life. Natural resources are found all over the Earth, like soil, land, air, water, minerals and sunlight. All such resources play a great role in our lives. We need to save these resources for our future generations by not cutting trees and not polluting the rivers, by
switching over to organic products, by planting many trees. To live a life of pleasure, we must conserve nature. Conservation of natural resources means, to protect and save resources for the next generations by following 4 golden R’s of resource conservation.

4 golden R’s are-
Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle.

Reduce-Consume less and do not waste.
Reuse– Use things as much as you can.
Refuse– Refuse the waste of resources.
Recycle– Recycle old things to make new things.

Please remember these 4 golden R’s and conserve natural resources.

Aarav, 3th STD

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