How to choose the right school for your child?

By January 22, 2019education

Choosing a school for your child is a  very personal and individual matter. No one knows your child better than you.  And again you are the best judge of your daily schedules, finances, and family values.  Yet, somehow the process of choosing a school has become increasingly  complicated, and even the most conscientious parents are overwhelmed.

Here’s a checklist of things you need  to keep in mind while looking for the right school.

  • The best time to visit a school is in the late fall, after class has been in session a while but before the rush of enrolment for the following year. You should visit more than one school, so that you can compare and choose better.
  • Do  your homework: Prioritize what’s important to your child – focus on  academics or a blend of extra curricular activities as well, see how students of a particular school have turned out, talk to parents of children who have gone to that school, make enquiries.
  • Role of students: When you meet students of a school in their premises, are they taking an active part in answering questions of outsiders?
  • Technology: Ask the school what technology they use regularly.
  • Teachers:  They are going to be spending the maximum time with your children and  actually imparting education to them. Find out how qualified the teachers are. For instance, while choosing a preschool, find out if the teachers  have early-childhood-education certification. A basic factor for a preschool is its cleanliness and how engaged they are able to keep your child.
  • Ask  about discipline: What is their approach to disciplining a child?
  • How do students get to school. What mode of transport is made available to students. Do they have a school bus?
  • How does the school handle children with emotional, learning, or other difficulties?
  • What  kind of extracurricular activities do they have.
  • What  are some of the achievements of the school and its students?

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