Healthy Indian

By September 13, 2019Students Blog

India is a vast and a diversified country. It is one of the largest populated country in the world. It is very proud to say that, India has contributed and has played a major role in the field of science and technology. We have many freedom fighters like Mahathma Gandhiji, Subash Chandra Bose, Lalalajpath Rai and many more. We have many
mathematicians like Aryabhatta, who was the founder of zero, Srinivasan Ramanujan who found infinity. But this is not how India is seen today. It is now called as unclean India and we are the ones who are responsible for today’s condition. Ignorance and lack of concern for others is the reason why cleanliness is neglected in society.

But how do we keep India clean?

We being the citizens of India it is our responsibility to make sure that our society is clean. We should follow basic clean habits like we should not spit on the road, we should not litter and the usage of plastics must be banned. To stop more pollution, instead of plastic bags, we can use eco-friendly bags like Jute bags, Cotton bags etc. The governments must build toilets especially for the people living in rural areas.

Another aspect of cleanliness is turning India green. That is by growing more trees which will help us in breathing fresh air. We must think tidy. Our health depends on cleanliness. A clean nation is a healthy nation. A healthy and clean India is a happy India.


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