Healthy Indian – Ayush Dhyaan, 4th STD

By September 13, 2019Students Blog

1.India is fast emerging as a work superpower. We are the world`s largest democracy in terms of population.
2. Article 21 of our Indian constitution guarantees protection of life and personal liberty to every citizen.
3. Health depends on cleanliness and cleanliness means health.
4. These days lacks of cleanliness in our surroundings have given rise to major diseases.
5. Ignorance and lack of concern for others is the reason why cleanliness is neglected in India.
6. Good health needs a good diet and wholesome nutrition. Spreading awareness about clean drinking water and healthy food is also a requirement.
7. People need to be educated about the fact that nutrition and exercise is cheaper than medicine and cure
8. Hygienically cooked meals that include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins are a must to stay fit.
9. Today our honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji started Swach and Swasth Bharath mission aimed towards cleanliness and health.

Our health depends on cleanliness “A clean nation, a healthy nation.

“A healthy and clean India is a happy India”.

Ayush Dhyaan, 4th STD

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