Getting to the root of behavioural problems in kids

By January 22, 2019education

Children with behavioural problems often are misunderstood, simply because they are not good at communicating their feelings and emotions. If something upsets them, they might just throw a fit or a tantrum, which leads them to be labelled as difficult kids.

However, if parents and teachers were to identify the triggers that cause these tantrums and establish a pattern, they might understand the child better. Usually, it is due to fear, anxiety, agitation or confusion that a child reacts aggressively or differently. Showing patience toward the child and understanding the child’s problem is key to demystifying aggressive behaviour.

There are some time-tested methods employed on kids to reduce their aggressive behaviour.
• Let the child sit near an exit
• Give the child frequent breaks
• Involve the child in sports and games that release stress and energy
• Reduce noises and sounds
• Reduce the number of kids per classroom
• Follow a routine
• Avoid crowds
• Use natural lighting

Sometimes kids with Down syndrome may not be able to hear or understand you well enough. Their failure to follow your directions may be due to this than intentional disobedience. A child who is frustrated over not understanding something may become disruptive. Try to identify what the issue is that the child is facing. Chronologically older kids may have temper tantrums that are actually appropriate for their developmental age. Behaviour that resembles Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) might be due to a variety of factors such as hearing problems, vision problems, thyroid problems, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety over inability to keep up, frustration over complex learning material or frustration at being misunderstood.

The key is to be patient with such children , rule out any physiological causes for their behavioural problems, then identify triggers that cause disruption, try to minimize the occurrence of such triggers by following certain time-tested methods and then most importantly loving them, being there for them and accepting them.

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