Children with Special Education Needs

By January 22, 2019education

Every child is from a different background, not only culturally and socially, but also with respect to their learning levels and skills. During the course of their education, many children have special education needs.  Special education needs means that a child has greater difficulty learning than students of the same age.

This could be due to emotional challenges, physical problems or a host of other reasons such as learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties, specific learning difficulties, sensory or physical needs, communication problems, or medical and health conditions.

  • Learning difficulties – This is when the child has difficulty acquiring skills in school
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties –When the child has problems getting along with children or behaving in class
  • Specific learning difficulty – Some children have problems with reading, writing or arithmetic.
  • Sensory or physical needs – If a child has a hearing disability or is visually impaired, then the child needs special attention.
  • Communication problems – the child has problems communicating or expressing his or her views to others.
  • Medical or health conditions – if a child has certain medical problems that hamper performance in school, then too, the child has special education needs.

At Insight Academy, we are sensitive to children with special education needs and their problems and issues. We go that extra mile by helping them with their lessons through remedial coaching etc.

Children make progress with their lessons at different speeds. The teacher has to take this into account while planning lessons and giving homework or tests. At Insight Academy, our teachers are qualified and experienced to handle children from diverse backgrounds and with different learning needs. The main thing is for the teacher to be sensitive, understanding, and patient. Such children can easily overcome their difficulties with learning if treated right.

Groups of children can be formed with some special education needs children and others who are quite regular with their pace. This can encourage a balance between the children with special education needs and those who don’t face these challenges. It can also sensitise those children who don’t face such challenges to the ones who do.

Insight Academy is an integrated school that gives students from mainstream as well as special school an opportunity to study together. The school offers special care for differently abled children thereby helping them to integrate with the mainstream with ease. Insight Academy is a school, which does not discriminate between children, be it on the basis of intelligence, economic conditions, physical condition or other challenges, which hinder education.

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