Caring for a Child with Behavioural Problems

By January 22, 2019education
Sometimes, the behavioural problems are due to the child having a special need, while sometimes it is due to reaction of people around. Parents and loved ones need to pay close attention to the child and the outbursts. That way they can understand what acts as a trigger for these issues and work on addressing them.  Working with the child on the trigger can help the child  deal with it in a better fashion and gain insight into what’s happening. This way parents can prevent it from becoming a habit.

Experts feel that children with special needs exhibit aggressive behaviour as a cry for help and to call attention to themselves since they are dealing with something that overwhelms them. Kids know that if they exhibit that behaviour, they will be given a time out or reprieve.
It is important to keep a written record of exactly what was happening around the child when he or she demonstrated the aggressive behaviour. That way, a pattern can be detected and worked on.Usually, kids get aggressive when they are anxious, afraid, agitated, or confused. Once the trigger is identified, parents or teachers can teach the child coping skills and intervene so that it doesn’t happen again. Sometimes, medication helps. It is complicated to figure out what causes the behavioural problems, but with the right care and attention, the child can be helped.
Insight Academy is an integrated school that gives students from mainstream as well as special school an opportunity to study together. The school offers special care for differently abled children thereby helping them to integrate with the mainstream with ease. Insight Academy is a school, which does not discriminate between children, be it on the basis of intelligence, economic conditions, physical condition or other challenges, which hinder education.

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